What readers are saying about “A Really, Really, Scary Monster Story!”

by Rebecca Blume…

     This is an allegory of a brave little girl who goes in search of monsters that have terrified her village for generations only to discover that they are no different from her or her family.  This remarkable book presents a gentle message of accepting people who look or seem different and underscores the fact that we often create “monsters” through misunderstandings and ignorance. I love the premise… More tolerance is needed in this crazy world in which we live… The text by Rebecca Blume and the imaginative artwork of Jeanette Koji add just the right touch.

Larry Cox, Tucson Citizen




Although described as terrifying, with “…long, sharp fingernails… smelly, matted hair… big, yellow teeth…” the monster, who seizes Gerta and brings her to his home, turns out to be something quite unexpected. And therein lies the moral of Blume’s allegory: Gerta’s innocent bravery, it turns out, dispels fear and ignorance of the unknown that leads to an understanding and appreciation of diversity. Intended for audiences of children from pre-K to fifth grade, “A Really, Really, Scary Monster story!” will captivate parents and educators alike.


                                                Marilyn Milow Francis, Kaatskill Life



The children were captivated by the story and experienced the perspective of how a monster family feels living in a human world. Thank you… for helping us to better understand families who are “different”.


                                                Miss Gretchen, Dandelion Nursery Pre-School

                                                Catskill, New York




We are so glad you came to visit us today and share a special book (“A Really, Really, Scary Monster Story!”). Taking time to visit and read shows us we’re important to you, and that’s a very special gift. We hope you’ll visit us again soon because we enjoyed our time together, and we hope you did too!


                                                Mrs. Christensen’s Class

                                                Mrs. Caporale’s Class

                                                Mrs. Tartaglione’s Class

                                                George Grant Mason School

                                                Tuxedo Park, New York




Author Rebecca Blume is another writer whose work has been on view in a previous book-signing weekend in the Book Village (Hobart, New York). The earlier book was “A Really, Really, Scary Monster Story!” in which a little girl taught her village not to judge by appearances, and to realize that just because people are different, they are not necessarily dangerous or bad.


                                                Celin Schoen

                                                Delaware County Times




I loved your book. ("A Really, Really, Scary Monster Story!") I liked the little boy. My brother Michael, he's three, he loved it too.


                                                Hayley Bell

                                                Age Six




Xenophobia is an unpleasant word for a reality in our society. Perhaps if more children were exposed to more books like Rebecca Blume's “A Really, Really, Scary Monster Story!” such words would not have to exist. The author has taken a complex subject and presented a simple solution involving understanding, acceptance and respect, thus creating a lesson for children, and adults as well, to make this a better world for all.


                                                Chickie Rosenberg

                                                Author and freelance writer




Congratulations! "A Really, Really, Scary Monster Story!" is a wonderful read with an inspiring message for everyone. I intend to share this story with my four grandsons. Where was this type of gentle Children's Lierature when we were kids? Remember Grimm's? Keep on writing, Rebecca!.


                                                Pat Alsid Thompson

                                                Retired Teacher




... the beautiful book ("Baby Whales") was so perfect to read to all our grandchildren (13)! We will treasure it for the rest of our lives.


                                                Gratefully, Barbara (Zindell) & Mike Gilleran

                                                Retired Teacher



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