Illustrations For

"A Really, Really, Scary Monster Story!"

by Rebecca Blume

The story begins in a peaceful farming village long ago.

These woods aren't haunted? Then "hoooo's" looking at me?

"Put me down. Your breath smells awful!"

"Into the stew you go!"

"You put that little girl down, you're scaring her!"

"You're not going to eat me?" asks Gerta.

"Land sakes, No! We only eat fruits and vegetables. And, besides we don't think people would even taste good. Especially the mean ones!"

Gerta and Rolf play all afternoon on his swing set.

Gerta asks if Rolf can come home with her for dinner.

They cross the meadows to the village together.

Through the beautiful farms...

The villagers peek out of their windows at the little monster as Gerta and Rolf walk by holding hands.

After their initial shock, Gerta's parents invite Rolf for dinner.

"But first I have to wash my hands and face." He was taught good hygiene.

After dinner, Gerta and Rolf play on her swing set.

And they play happily for the rest of the evening.

Soon after, a calm settled over the valley, and the villagers couldn't remember why they were ever afraid of that nice family of monsters.

The End


Jeanette Koji has been painting professionally for over 30 years. Her formal studies include NYU and The Pratt Institute.

Her favorite medium is watercolor, using the "Wet-on-Wet" technique, which she says, gives her art a soft, tranquil effect, and her favorite genre is folk art incorporating scenes of upstate New York, where she makes her home.

Jeanette is a member of The Delhi Art Group, The Cooperstown Art Association, and The Brush and Pallet Club of Cooperstown, New York.

Her paintings can be found in various art collections in California, Florida, Vermont, Washington, D.C., New York, New Hampshire and Japan.

Rebecca Blume deems it a privilege to have had the good fortune to include Jeanette's watercolors in this story.

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