A new publisher of children’s picture books has awakened the sleepy little village of Catskill, nestled in the shadows of the beautiful mountains of Greene County, New York, the inspiration for the magical stories of Washington Irving. The whimsical retirement project of attorney Robert A. Hervey has suddenly blossomed into a demanding and rewarding new career.


            Liberty Artists chose as its premier publication last year, a tale by Rebecca Blume in the style of European allegorical folklore titled, “A Really, Really, Scary Monster Story!” It is the story of a brave little girl who goes in search of the legendary monsters that have terrified her village for generations only to discover that they are no different from her. What is really scary, and truly sad is that we have created our own monsters through fear and ignorance. The hope for peace and understanding among the diverse cultures on our small planet lies in the innocence of our children.


            Ms. Blume’s two newest books, which she illustrated as well, are now in print. “When The World Was Green!”, a fable of selflessness and sharing, and “Baby Whales”, a child’s fantasy, are available at local stores and the publisher’s website.

The author’s readings, whose work embodies the themes of peace, tolerance, sharing, and spirituality told in an amusing fashion, have been enthusiastically received for years by audiences of children from pre-K to Fifth Grade, their parents and educators, in schools and at book signings from upstate New York to as far south as Virginia Beach. It is a distinct pleasure for Liberty Artists to be able to publish and have these stories read worldwide.

Jeanette Koji, the “Monster’s” illustrator, has been painting professionally for over 30 years. Her formal studies include NYU and The Pratt Institute. Her favorite medium is watercolor, using the "Wet-on-Wet" technique, which gives her art a soft, tranquil effect. Her favorite genre is folk art incorporating scenes near her home in upstate New York. She is a member of The Delhi Art Group, The Cooperstown Art Association, and The Brush and Pallet Club of Cooperstown, New York.

Robert A. Hervey earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA, and the Degree of Juris Doctor from Albany Law School, Albany, NY.

All books are available now at the publisher’s site, www.LibertyArtists.com, select booksellers, and upscale merchants in the Village of Catskill.

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