"When The World Was Green!"

The story begins long ago in a land where everything was green.

Milk was green, water was green, the sky and sun were green,

people were green, even the monarch butterfly was green.

Two brave green sisters went looking for the rumored pot of gold at the end of the greenbow.

What they found was a moss covered old green pot surrounded by slimy greengoo.

They pulled off the moss and gold exploded into the heavens and rained back down on their green world...

... changing everything it touched into beautiful colors.

Lakes drank up the bright blue sky.

Sunburned-brown cattails, goldenrod and purple loosestrife sprang up from the greengoo.

Bees buzzed more beautifully and butterflies fluttered more gracefully.

Birds sang more happily than ever before.

The people of the green world were so happy that the girls left the gold streaming out color and never told anyone.

We know the gold is still there because on a sunny day, after a warm, summery rain,

we can see its glorious colors all around us in the rainbows.

The End


"When The World Was Green!" [ISBN 978-0-9785427-1-9] is currently available at select booksellers and through this site.

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